Final ‘Toy Story 4’ Theatrical Trailer and New TV Spot

Today marks one month until Toy Story 4 hits theaters, and in honor of the occasion, Disney and Pixar released the film’s last theatrical trailer, along with some other new clips of the toys!

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‘Toy Story 4’ Update: Promos, Videos, and New Movie Insights

I shared in my last post that I’ve been dealing with some online drama, and was trying to decide how to proceed in light of it.  Well, it took the discovery of a video — where some pretty big names in the fan community were mocking my friends and me — to give me the push to keep going.  Jessie never gives up, Jessie finds a way — and I’m sure not going to let trolls succeed at driving me away from something I love.  So, I’m back, but as a result of this little break I’ve taken, I’ve got a good amount of news to catch up on.  Here goes…

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New ‘Toy Story 4’ Screen Shots and Filmmaker Remarks

Today, thanks to an article published by the LA Times, we’ve got a new screen shot from Toy Story 4, as well as some remarks from Director Josh Cooley, Screenwriter Stephany Folsom, and the voice of Bo Peep, Annie Potts.  These join a couple other images that have come out in the past few weeks.

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‘Toy Story 4’ Update: Merchandise Hitting Store Shelves, Movie Officially Rated

We’re now within two months of Toy Story 4‘s release, and the promotion of the movie has definitely begun!  From online shopping to brick-and-mortar stores, Toy Story 4 toys and other products are starting to become readily available, with the first wave of toy launches hitting retailers this week.  I’ve also got some news on Toy Story 4‘s rating, as the movie nears completion.

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Toy Story 4: More Preview Details and Remarks from Producer Jonas Rivera

The 17-minute preview shown at CinemaCon last week gave us our first concrete details about the opening plot of Toy Story 4, and in the days since the first reports were published, even more information has surfaced online.  Coming from both the CinemaCon presentation and other international sneak peeks that have only recently had their embargo lifted, we now have a few more pieces to the puzzle, as well as some enlightening comments from the film’s Producer, Jonas Rivera.

If you’re avoiding spoilers, do not read further!  You’ve been warned.

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First 17 Minutes of ‘Toy Story 4’ Shown at CinemaCon

Earlier today, attendees of the annual CinemaCon conference – held in Las Vegas for members of the movie theater industry – were treated to the first 17 minutes of Toy Story 4.  And thanks to synopses published by those who got to view the footage, as well as tweets sharing what was shown, we now have a clear image of how the movie begins.

Read on ONLY if you don’t mind spoilers!

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