‘Toy Story 4’ Update: Clips, TV Spots, and Official Runtime

Since new Toy Story 4 things keep coming out faster than I can keep up with these days — especially when I’ve been dealing with internet issues the better part of this week — here I am with another catch-all update to include the latest goodies!


We’ve gotten two new actual movie clips in the past week.  One is just a longer version of what we’ve seen before with Buzz, Ducky, and Bunny in the Star Adventurer booth:

To be perfectly honest, Ducky and Bunny bullying Buzz has never been my favorite, ever since the Super Bowl ad.  But I will say, their “plush rush” humor has helped me warm up to these two, so I’m hoping I come to love them in the actual movie.

The other clip shows the full introduction scene with Gabby Gabby:

Gabby Gabby eyeing Woody’s pullstring reflection in the silver is super creepy.  And “I’m trash!” is officially my family’s new favorite greeting.  I love Forky so much.

TV Spots

There have been some new TV spots recently, as well as other promotional videos, on both social media and television.  They usually show little snippets we haven’t seen before, so like before, I’ll just add minimal commentary and let them speak mostly for themselves.

In this one, I seriously love that Ducky and Bunny are freaked out by the sheep’s three heads…

Duke ignoring Bo amuses me, too…

And in the last of the latest TV spots, which features “The Ballad of the Lonesome Cowboy” song, we’ve got a new moment with Bonnie…

Although not quite a commercial or a TV spot, this little video of Tim Allen and Tom Hanks — shared by Pixar across social media — is definitely worth including.  Besides their awesome camaraderie, there are a few quick new clips in there…

These two guys are a treasure!  I just love how much they love Buzz and Woody.  Oh, and since I know how the internet works, and Buzz and Bo hugging “hello” is going to turn into a baseless “love triangle” frenzy — stop it now.  Just stop.  Old friends can be happy to see each other after many years apart.  Nobody wants to hear it.


Finally, we have an official statement of the movie’s runtime, sourced from the BBFC, the British Board of Film Classification.  According to their site, Toy Story 4 will run 100 minutes — or an hour and 40 minutes — long, which is 11 minutes more than the 89 minutes originally quoted by Director Josh Cooley.  Whether more was added since his statement was first made, or this extra 11 minutes figures in the epilogue scenes that typically conclude a Toy Story movie, well, we’ll find out in just a couple weeks.  But I’ll gladly take more time with the toys than initially expected!

The site’s listing for the film also refers to “very mild violence” and “scary scenes” — which I think it’s safe to say involves Gabby Gabby, Benson, and the dummy minions.

Here we are, with just two weeks left!  I’ll be keeping an eye out for news, but I’m really trying to enjoy this last lead-up to Toy Story 4, y’all.  It’s fun to share the latest updates, but I also want to make sure I give myself the time to appreciate the moment, too.  Who knows if we’ll ever get another Toy Story movie?  So I’m savoring it all this time around, like I did for Toy Story 3, and I hope you can, too.  My advice is to ignore the trolls and haters, don’t read the comments on social media, and just enjoy this time with the toys!  They’re everywhere right now, and — to quote our old buddy Reptillus Maximus — it’s glorious.

Images © Disney/Pixar.