Comedy Legends Join the Cast of ‘Toy Story 4’

In an article shared today by USA Today, Pixar announced that four beloved comedians will be part of the cast of Toy Story 4!

The new toys – which were introduced in the image shown above – are Chairol Burnett (Carol Burnett), Melephant Brooks (Mel Brooks), Bitey White (Betty White), and Carl Reinerocerous (Carl Reiner).  They’re all Bonnie’s old outgrown baby/toddler toys, who have been forgotten in the closet.

Here’s what Director Josh Cooley had to say about the new characters:

“They’ve done their job and are just kind of waiting around for what happens next.  And now that Woody’s in there, they’re accepting him into their circle and he’s already pushing against that.”

“Sometimes toys fall in and out of favor.  I look at my own kid and stuff that was the favorite toy yesterday is now in the closet.  We wanted to show that Woody’s new life in this bedroom is not exactly what he thought it was going to be.”

The actors themselves are happy to be a part of the cast.  Betty White appreciated her character’s design:

“It was wonderful the way they incorporated our names into the characters.  And I’m a sucker for animals, so the tiger was just perfect!”

Carl Reiner was also pleased with his toy incarnation:

“To be represented by a cute little toy character is not the worst thing in the world.”

In fact, Reiner and his friend Mel Brooks recorded their lines together in Reiner’s living room, playing off each other – which I’m sure will make this scene in the film extra special.  Reiner added about the experience that he “had so much fun, I was surprised (they) paid us.  We would have done it for nothing.  But don’t tell Mel.”

All four of these comedians are treasures – I grew up watching hilarious Carol Burnett Show reruns with my grandma, so she’s a particular favorite of mine – and I can’t wait to see how these legends bring their humor and charm to the movie!

Images © Disney/Pixar and USA Today.