‘Toy Story 4’ Interviews and Behind the Scenes

I’ve found some treasures online, and even though I wasn’t planning on posting anything else for a few days, I just had to share them!  I’ll keep this post quick and simple, because the videos I’ve discovered speak for themselves.

Bonus features have always been my favorite on the Toy Story DVDs — the interviews and behind the scenes footage give such great insight into what the filmmakers and actors were thinking during the making of the movie.  Although the videos I’m sharing have been made to promote Toy Story 4 leading up to its release, it’s a similar kind of content, and just as fascinating to watch.

The first video is almost an hour long, chock full of interviews with actors Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Annie Potts, Tony Hale, Christina Hendricks, Ally Maki, and Keegan-Michael Key, as well as director Josh Cooley, producers Jonas Rivera and Mark Nielsen, and composer Randy Newman.

Second, is a reel with a whole variety of goodies.  We’ve got Randy Newman scoring the film with full orchestra (look closely at the images on screen, there are some quick clips in there!); test footage during the animation process (more quick scenes, so don’t look too closely if you’re worried about spoilers); and then the same actors as in the interviews above recording their lines, with coaching by Josh Cooley.

Lastly, I’ve found a panel discussion with Josh Cooley and Jonas Rivera, from a conference that was held in Mexico.  More good stuff!

These are the sorts of things that I expect to become increasingly prevalent as Toy Story 4‘s release draws closer.  The movie’s Hollywood premiere is coming up next week, and with that will come additional remarks from the cast and crew.  Reviews are starting to come out, too, and they’re overwhelmingly glowing.  We’ve got a lot to look forward to — we’re heading into an exciting couple of weeks, and beyond!

Images © Disney/Pixar.