Toy Story 4: Randy Newman to Score Sequel

Pixar Interview

Following my post this morning about Jim Morris speaking at an event in Australia, I’ve discovered a video interview from the television show Studio 10, where the President of Pixar revealed even more information about Toy Story 4!

Most notable is Morris’s confirmation that Randy Newman will compose the music for the film:

“Randy’s coming back to write a song and the score for Toy Story 4.”

He also reiterates that the entire voice cast is returning, and provides a hint to the story, in that it’ll take the toys primarily on the road:

“Everybody’s coming back, although we have a bunch of new characters as well.  It’s a little bit of a road movie this time – I guess they’re all kind of road movies, but this one’s more a road movie.”

It’s great to know that Newman’s music will provide continuity with the other three films, and also to have another clue about the toys’ quest to find Bo.  What I most want to know right now, though, is which toys will go on this road trip!  Although I love the television specials and Toy Story Toons, I’d really like to see a greater presence for more of the original characters in the new movie than they’ve had in the shorter subjects.  Hopefully we’ll get new details soon!

Video and image © Studio 10.