Final ‘Toy Story 4’ Theatrical Trailer and New TV Spot

Today marks one month until Toy Story 4 hits theaters, and in honor of the occasion, Disney and Pixar released the film’s last theatrical trailer, along with some other new clips of the toys!

It’s a great trailer, in my opinion.  After a marketing campaign that has thus far been heavily focused on Bo and the new characters, it was really refreshing to see the classic gang be featured so prominently, with even their own “roll call.”  There’s a lot of humor in this one, too – from poor Woody’s stepped-on head, to Ducky and Bunny’s proposed “plush rush” plan to get the antique store owner’s key.  It also gives us the most Duke Caboom footage so far, and he really looks like he’s going to be a fantastic character.

In addition to the trailer, we got another TV spot, with a few more new scenes in the mix and more screen time for the original characters:

And as if this wasn’t enough good stuff for one day, Pixar shared this fun little animation as well, celebrating the one-month mark:

We’re almost there, y’all.  The home stretch is really, finally here!  Tickets will be popping up for sale in theaters any day (I checked mine, not quite yet, although I’ve seen them listed for others).  As always, I’m constantly on the lookout for updates, so stay tuned!

Images and videos © Disney/Pixar.