‘Toy Story 4’ Commercial and TV Spot Roundup

The past few weeks have seen a constant stream of new Toy Story 4 commercials and clips popping up online, and while I’ve been doing my best to stay on top of them on my social media accounts, I thought I better make a post here compiling them all in one place, before we get even more!


One of my previous posts touched on the merchandise tie-ins with the movie, and in that article I shared the Chrysler commercial that had already been released.  Now, several of the other companies named have come out with their ads, and they’re so much fun!

Out of all the new commercials, the one for Babybel cheese is my favorite – simply because it uses original animation with the characters instead of movie clips (and because Jessie is included, duh!).  I’ve also found the Toy Story printed Babybel cheese packs in stores, and they’re super cute as well as yummy.

Danimals yogurt is another product I’ve found in stores, and the commercial for that is great, too.  It provided a new look at the toys in the RV, that at the point when this commercial came out, we hadn’t seen before (it has popped up in a TV spot since).

Go RVing is the last of the tie-in commercials I’ve found online (for now).  This one shows a little more of Bonnie with her family – I’m really glad we get to see her dad in the film.   

It’s very possible that more commercials will be released in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! 

TV Spots

There have been a LOT of TV spots lately, and since it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s new and different – each one shows maybe just one little thing we hadn’t seen before – I’ll just share them all here, with limited commentary.

This video gives us a different glimpse of the flashback scene that opens the film…

My friends and I have dubbed Woody looking after Forky as “Dad Woody,” so I think him holding Forky here is pretty cute…

More dadness.  And finally… Jessie jumping out the window, getting into some action herself… you go, cowgirl!

Young Andy is seen in flashbacks here, along with Bonnie’s name on Woody’s boot and a new scene of Bo’s sheep attack-kissing Woody…

And more of Andy and Bonnie with the toys…

Saving the best of the TV spots for last – a new nighttime look at the toys inside the RV!

With three weeks left to go, there could still feasibly be even more new TV spots promoting the movie.  I’ll be posting them if we get them, so keep an eye out!

Other Clips

Tom Hanks was on Ellen last week, to promote Toy Story 4, and it’s always a joy to watch his interviews.  As always, he talked about the ending of the movie, and whether it’s the final chapter for the toys:

“We’re saying goodbye, to Woody and Buzz, and Bonnie’s room, and Andy, and everybody, and it was emotional.  So I had to turn my back on them all.”

But is it the end?  When Ellen mentions that it’s sad the series is over, he goes on to say,

“Well, really, I don’t know.  Is it over?  I don’t know.  It’ll live forever, that’s one thing about it.”

He then joked about a “possible three year extension for everybody” – a reference to Ellen’s series renewal – but really, these cryptic remarks have been typical from both the actors and the filmmakers for months now.  Only time will tell if there will be any more feature-length adventures for the toys, but we do know that the “Forky Asks A Question” series and “Lamp Life” short are coming to Disney+ within the next year, so it’s certainly not the end for them entirely.

The following clip of Forky was shown as part of Hanks’ interview, and was released online by Pixar this week.  I just adore this little spork, trembling as he comes out of the bag, and Woody being dad-like yet again.  It’s been a long time since we’ve gotten an actual clip, versus just short excerpts in trailers, so it’s a real treat!

Made for the Chinese company JD.com in honor of Children’s Day, this cute little sort-of-ad is all original animation.  But just like the Babybel commercial, it’s NOT a scene from the movie, so let’s refrain from letting the rumors run rampant, ‘k?  They’re making me tired.

And lastly, this Funko video is also totally original and completely adorable – featuring the company’s popular Pop figures – so it deserves to be shared as well.

I appreciate all the video tips my followers give me on social media – I couldn’t do all this without you!  I can’t always stay on top of the daily (or even hourly) YouTube postings, so I’m always glad to hear about new stuff.  I tend to share new videos on Instagram and Facebook first, though, so if you’d like instant notice of a new commercial or clip, make sure you’re following me there.  We’ve got just 23 days to go, y’all.  It’s so close it’s crazy!

Character images and videos © Disney/Pixar and the respective companies being advertised.  Product photos are mine.