Toy Story 4: More Preview Details and Remarks from Producer Jonas Rivera

The 17-minute preview shown at CinemaCon last week gave us our first concrete details about the opening plot of Toy Story 4, and in the days since the first reports were published, even more information has surfaced online.  Coming from both the CinemaCon presentation and other international sneak peeks that have only recently had their embargo lifted, we now have a few more pieces to the puzzle, as well as some enlightening comments from the film’s Producer, Jonas Rivera.

If you’re avoiding spoilers, do not read further!  You’ve been warned.

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Tim Allen Discusses ‘Toy Story 4’ Plot and Potential for the Future

There’s still no trailer, but hey, at least Tim Allen likes to talk about Toy Story 4 and give us something to ponder while we wait!  In the latest interview, posted yesterday by Entertainment Tonight, he shared some more details about the film’s plot and discussed whether he’d be up for seeing the series continue.

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Toy Story 4: More Details from Tim Allen; Tom Hanks Completes Recording

Tim Allen made another appearance on The Talk today, and just like his earlier press tour a few months back, he didn’t disappoint with his remarks on Toy Story 4.  In fact, he elaborated even more on some of the things he had said in the past.   And also today, Tom Hanks announced that he has finished recording his lines as Woody for the film.

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Bo Peep Officially Revealed in ‘Toy Story 4’

Although we’ve known for quite some time that Bo would be starring in Toy Story 4, the only images we’ve seen have been from leaked promotional material and merchandise.  Finally, today, Pixar officially revealed Bo Peep’s updated appearance, as well as some insight into her role in the movie!

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Keegan-Michael Key Talks About His ‘Toy Story 4’ Role

Keegan-Michael Key has been making the rounds of talk show appearances lately, to promote his Netflix series Friends from College.  I’ve watched them all, hoping for any little details he might share about Toy Story 4.  Last night, however – on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah – was the first time the show’s host brought up his upcoming role in the sequel.

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