Toy Story 4: New Voice Actor, Screen Shot, and Interview

I’ve got a little bit of Toy Story 4 news to share today, introducing a new member of the movie’s voice cast, as well as a new screen shot and some remarks by Annie Potts and Josh Cooley.

Juliana Hansen Joins ‘Toy Story 4’ Cast

Actor Juliana Hansen, whose voice work has been seen in Star vs. the Forces of Evil on Disney XD and Unikitty on Cartoon Network, tweeted just a couple days ago that she had joined the cast of Toy Story 4.

Her website reveals that the role is a supporting one, but no information has been shared yet as to what character she’ll be playing.  Here’s a closer look at the recording session photo from her tweet, which also includes Director Josh Cooley — who retweeted her announcement:

Could she be playing this mysterious “Mayor” figure that has been mentioned in recaps of the footage shown at CinemaCon?  Or is she voicing another new character entirely?  Only time will tell — there’s still so much more to find out about this movie, far more than the brief clips we’ve seen in the trailers.

‘Toy Story 4’ in Entertainment Weekly

The current issue of Entertainment Weekly revealed a new little bit of information as well, along with a new screen shot.  Although the image is only a still from a scene shown in the most recent TV spot clips, it’s nice to have in a higher-res version.  And in the article that included the still, both Annie Potts, the voice of Bo Peep, and Josh Cooley, the film’s director, talked briefly about the film.

Potts first shared some thoughts about Bo and the changes she’s been through:

“Bo’s been lost a long time, and she’s had a lot of time to work it out, but she’s come to a happy place on the road.  Bo was a little hampered by the fact that she was porcelain and stuck to a lamp, so they freed her up from that and she’s reinvented herself.  All she has is what she had on her back, and she’s made that her cape.  She’s kind of Mad Max… Mad Maxine.”

Cooley, in turn, mentioned another famous film that inspired him in the making of the film:

“Because they’ve known each other such a long time, the relationship that Indiana Jones had with Marion is something I had in mind with Woody and Bo.”

He also described the toy couple’s clashing styles when it comes to adventure:

“Woody flies by the seat of his pants sometimes – actually, most of the time – and immediately jumps off emotion into action.  Bo has that same energy, but at the same time she’s always four steps ahead of everybody else.”

I’m really interested to see how these opposing dynamics will play out as the toys go on their adventure; and as someone who’s familiar with the Indiana Jones movies, I’m curious how that inspiration will be reflected in Woody and Bo’s story as well.

Just nine more weeks to go until Toy Story 4 hits theaters.  Stay tuned for news – hopefully we’ll be seeing more clips, interviews, and announcements very soon!

Photo of recording session sourced from the Twitter post included in the post.  Screen shot © Disney/Pixar and sourced from Entertainment Weekly and @cineinformacion on Instagram.  Magazine images sourced from @nerd-utopia on Tumblr.