Tim Allen Discusses ‘Toy Story 4’ Plot and Potential for the Future

There’s still no trailer, but hey, at least Tim Allen likes to talk about Toy Story 4 and give us something to ponder while we wait!  In the latest interview, posted yesterday by Entertainment Tonight, he shared some more details about the film’s plot and discussed whether he’d be up for seeing the series continue.

The remarks were made at Fox’s Winter Television Critics Television Critics Association gala, held last night in Los Angeles.  Here’s what Allen had to say about the upcoming sequel:

Fans are so excited for Toy Story 4.  They’re trying to piece together these teasers.  What can you tell the fans?

I can tell you that – gosh darn it.  I don’t know what to say, cause every time I do this, I get in trouble.  Both Tom and I met yesterday for our little guy lunch.  We both were very, very affected by the end of the movie.  So much so that he had to – we said the same thing – he had to turn around, he couldn’t even deliver his end of it.  I couldn’t deliver my end of it.  It’s a wonderful, full-bodied movie.  They’ve taken this in a direction that is spectacular, but not – you’ll go, oh, I can’t believe we haven’t thought of that before.  These writers have done something amazing.  The characters they’ve developed are amazing.  It’s a love story between Tom and his love interest – but he’s a toy, it is what it is.  And then Buzz has to make a decision on how to move on with his life, cause Tom’s making some different – Woody’s making some different decisions.  And that’s all I can tell you.  I’m just saying, it’s so funny, and so bright, and so interesting, and so effective towards the end.

I don’t want this to be the last Toy Story.  Is there a chance you could get Toy Story 5?

You got a guy talking.  Tom doesn’t think so; he and I, we had our lunch – we said, this has been over 20 years, of he and I doing this, and it’s made an impact on both of our lives, and our families’ lives.  I think it’s like Harry Potter – my kid’s riding into that now, my little one – and they did like 300 movies, or whatever, it was a lot.  Once you’ve gotten to four, you’ve passed that trilogy.  I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t do it, certainly, if you asked me.  I’d say, do 5.

The interviewer definitely got it right, that fans are trying to make sense of all the teasers!  And from what Allen is saying here, it really does sound like Woody will leave the gang to stay with Bo.  Honestly, the more this seems to be the case, the more I’m making peace with it – as long as it leaves the door open for them to visit their old friends from time to time in their travels.  I just don’t see how, with Bo’s adventurous new spirit, she’d possibly be willing to limit herself to a life as a child’s toy when she knows the whole world is out there to explore.  But it is nice to reaffirm that the love story aspect is still there, and that it didn’t get scrapped with the rewrite.

I do wonder about Buzz’s need to decide “how to move on with his life” due to Woody’s choices.  I wouldn’t want to see him consider going along – but the wording doesn’t really suggest that’s the case, to me.  It seems as if Buzz is going to have to figure out how to move on without his best friend, and possibly take over leadership (or share it with Jessie) once they get back to Bonnie’s room.  I just hope that he’s not left with the task of telling everyone that Woody has left (if that’s what happens), and that at least Andy’s gang is present to say their goodbyes to Woody and Bo – having to return to the others alone and break that kind of news would be a pretty harsh thing for Buzz to have to go through.

As far as the possibility of more in the Toy Story franchise, I have to say I like Tim Allen’s answer.  He doesn’t imply at all that the way Toy Story 4 ends means a definite conclusion of the series.  And that’s an optimistic outlook, considering all the statements made about the difficult and emotional aspects of the story.  If there’s potential for more adventures in the future – be it in another full-length feature or smaller-subject shorts – I’ll gladly take whatever Pixar wants to give us with the toys.

I’m grateful for Tim Allen’s constant willingness and enthusiasm to talk about Toy Story 4.  But I dunno, y’all.  I’m struggling to find anything new to say these days, when we simply have so very little to go on.  We get bits and pieces of merchandise here and there, and a few cryptic remarks from voice actors, but nothing concrete from Pixar.  The Incredibles 2 trailer dropped on Valentine’s Day last year, which was a Wednesday, so I suppose we can see what happens next week – but I’m not holding my breath, since Pixar is also promoting their Spark Shorts in the month of February.  I guess we’ll see – that’s all I can really say anymore.  Here’s hoping that at least some of our mysteries are solved soon.

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