‘Toy Story 4’ Lego Sets Offer Possible Movie Clues

Now that we’re heading into the new year – the year in which the long wait for Toy Story 4 will finally be over! – more merchandise info is starting to appear online.  In the past few days – thanks to international trade catalogs – word has come out about new Lego sets that will be released in conjunction with the movie this summer.

This isn’t really surprising, as there were a number of Lego sets connected to Toy Story 3 back in 2010, as well as Incredibles 2 last year.  No pictures of the actual Toy Story 4 sets have surfaced as of yet, but several sites – including The Brick Fan – have mentioned that there will be five of them for ages four and up, as well as one Duplo set for younger children.  Another site (who has since taken down the information) even included names for each one, along with price:

#10766 – Woody and RC – $9.99
#10767 – Show by Caboom Duke – $19.99
#10768 – Adventures of Buzz and Bo Peep on Playground – $24.99
#10769 – Caravan Holiday – $34.99
#10770 – Woody and Buzz’s Carnival – $49.99

There is also a rumored 6th set, #10771 retailing for $19.99, that may be a Walmart exclusive.  Here’s an image of the main list, as it appeared before being removed:

What isn’t clear is if these are official titles, or if they are descriptive names given to each set based on what the theme and contents are.  And since this screencap was was taken from an international site, this is how Google Translate read it.  As always, until these sets are officially announced by either Lego or Pixar, the information should be taken with a grain of salt.  However, the sources I’ve heard this from, combined with the fact that the names match up with things we know about the plot already, lead me to believe it’s credible.

The most interesting thing about these Lego sets?  If the specifics are in fact true, we have the name of a new character:  Caboom Duke.  (I’m thinking, too, based on translation, it could maybe be spelled “Kaboom.”)  Is this Keanu Reeves’ mysterious role?  And what of this “show” aspect – is it a sideshow at the carnival?  Someone who gets shot out of a cannon?  Or simply a toy character from a television program?  This action figure shown in Incredibles 2 has been debated to be the possible Easter egg for Toy Story 4, and it sure looks like he could be wearing some sort of stunt jumpsuit:

The “caravan holiday” coincides with the film being about a RV road trip, and of course we already know that a carnival will feature prominently in the plot.   RC – well, he COULD make a return appearance, or that could also be just a nostalgic set like one that was released in the past.  The “playground” aspect is a new one, though – is this playground at the RV camp where Bonnie’s family will presumably be staying?  Is it associated with the carnival?  Or is it a location we don’t know of yet?  Also, since Bo is included in the title, is this where they will encounter her along the way?  Will Buzz somehow be the one to run into her, and take her to Woody?

Since we know that the first Toy Story 4 books will be hitting shelves in early May, it’s likely safe to assume that these Lego sets will make their debut around that same time.  Should any preview images pop up ahead of time, I’ll be sure to share!

Images © Disney/Pixar and Lego.