New ‘Toy Story 4’ Toys Listed Online

Today marks the beginning of the 2019 London Toy Fair, and it’s very possible we could be seeing some Toy Story 4 merchandise news come out of there during the remainder of this week.  In the meantime, some new movie-branded toys have popped up in online listings, which give us some new clues to the film!

The site Brick Seek is the source – this is a website that pulls product results from multiple online retailers in a single search.  Although there’s only one image we haven’t seen before – for an Imaginext figure set  – and there are no descriptions for the Toy Story 4 items, there are titles, which are helpful in and of themselves.  Let’s look at what’s out there so far – there’s quite a bit!


Fisher-Price Little People

Hot Wheels


… and Beyond!

*These toys aren’t branded to the movie, but judging from their lack of images and unfamiliar names, they are likely new products and could be related.

Ok, so now that we have all these new toy titles, what can we make of this information?  Well, the carnival theme plays heavily in the collections, which matches what we know so far.  It also seems as if there will be a speedway or racing element as well.  There’s also an RV toy, which ties in with the road trip theme.  In the Hot Wheels line, the “Utensil” is clearly Forky; “Shepherd” is Bo; and “Feathers & Furry” are Ducky and Bunny.  These characters are likely included in the unnamed Imaginext playsets, too.

Then there’s this Duke Caboom guy.  The Lego set called him Caboom Duke, so we don’t know which way is correct right now (and apparently it is “Caboom,” not “Kaboom,” that wasn’t a misspelling).  But one thing we can be sure of – he’s a stuntman with a bike.  I still think this could be the toy in the playpen in Incredibles 2, and possibly who Keanu Reeves is voicing, but we’ll have to wait and see if that’s who he turns out to be.

A few unfamiliar names pop up in this list, too.  Although they’re not on products branded to Toy Story 4, they still could be related – Duke Caboom isn’t specifically branded either, and we know he’s part of  the movie.  Bully Goat, Blvd. Bruiser, Pony-Up – are these random names I’ve just never heard before, because I don’t collect Hot Wheels cars?  Or are they new characters yet to be revealed?  Granted, Pony-Up could refer to Bullseye, but it could also be something unrelated.  There’s also  a 7″ Gabby – is this a figure, or a doll?  Is this another new character we’ll be meeting?  And the mention of the Toy Story 4 Barbie has me puzzled as well – will the toys be meeting up with Barbie again, or is this just a regular Barbie doll dressed in Toy Story 4 themed clothing, like they released back with Toy Story 3?  And what is the Imaginext Buzz-Bot?

I’ll be watching for images to be added to these product listings, and I’ll also be keeping a close eye on news coming out of London Toy Fair this week, so stay tuned, and look out for updates on my Instagram and Twitter!

Images © Disney/Pixar and Mattel.