Keanu Reeves Discusses His ‘Toy Story 4’ Character on ‘The Talk’

Keanu Reeves appeared on The Talk today to promote his new movie, Replicas, and while he was there he shed a little light on his upcoming role in Toy Story 4.

Just like with Tim Allen’s appearance on The Talk back in September, Sara Gilbert was the one to ask Reeves about Toy Story 4.  In fact, she brought up Allen’s earlier statement, when he first mentioned the actor’s new character on The Tonight Show.

I also want to talk to you about Toy Story 4.  We’re so happy.  I heard that when you started doing it, Tim Allen said you sounded a little too much like Buzz Lightyear, so out of respect to him, you sort of adjusted what you were doing.  Is that true?

Yeah.  First of all, I was honored to be approached to be a part of this story.  I’m a big fan.  So it was exciting to be like, oh, I get to come and play?  And then they showed me a bit about the character, and there was some kind of Buzz Lightyear – I was concerned about my voice, and the character, and their role in it, because I’m in the chorus, right?  I don’t want to be like lead singing; I’m like the chorus.  And so, for me, it’s the story; then my role in the story; how do I fit in?  And so the dialogue – with the creators, the director, and then the other characters, and then me knowing the show, where could I fit in?  Where can I add to the story but not compete with the other characters, you know?  Cause you can’t really go, like, [arm blocking movement] “thanks, Tim.”

You can watch the Toy Story 4 segment of the interview here:

One thing I find interesting in this is how much input he seems to have had in developing his character’s role.  I’ve heard of it happening before with Pixar films, but it’s nice to have another example nonetheless.  There’s not a lot we can glean about the actual character from what he’s said, though.  He reiterates the similarity to Buzz – which Allen had also referred to in terms of voice and “edge” – but not much else.  Will he be the “Kaboom Duke” as teased in the upcoming Lego sets?   Or is will he be someone we’ve had no hints of at all?

I’ve said this many times, but my favorite thing about interviews with the voice actors is always hearing how much they enjoy and appreciate being a part of the Toy Story films.  Reeves is no different; and I can’t wait to see who he’ll be voicing!

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