Pixar Holiday Greetings and a New ‘Toy Story 4’ Plot Clue

Here’s a particularly festive find!  On Twitter yesterday, @DrewTailored shared an image of Pixar’s Christmas card for 2018.  It features an adorable drawing of Bo Peep, Woody, and Bullseye – as well as an interesting hint about Toy Story 4 that was hidden in the post’s comments.

Bo is taking the reins of the sleigh in this sweet holiday scene, which might allude to her pivotal role in the upcoming sequel.  Will she be “taking the reins” so to speak of the story as well?  It also serves as further confirmation of her return – as Taylor himself mentions in the caption.  It’s nice to see Woody and Bo together, too, after so many years of them being apart.  And how cute is Bullseye?  I love the whole artistic style of it in general.

In the comments of the post, however, Taylor shares an important aspect of the plot:

The toys aren’t searching for Bo.

Back when Toy Story 4‘s original plot was revealed in 2015, John Lasseter said that the story would revolve around the toys heading out specifically with the purpose of finding Bo Peep.

It’s a love story between Woody and Bo Peep.  Bo returns for Toy Story 4, as Woody and Buzz Lightyear head out into the world to find her.

Drew Taylor is the Features Editor and Social Media Manager at Moviefone, and is a reputable source – obviously, he would have to be on good standing with Pixar to have received one of their cards.  So this points to the likelihood that this aspect of the story was in fact changed along the way, perhaps with the rewrite when Stephany Folsom came on board.

Now the question is, where will they encounter her?  What will the moment be like when they first stumble upon their long-lost friend, and Woody’s lost love?  How will everyone react in that moment, if they’re not expecting to meet someone they know – Woody and Bo especially?  This is an intriguing twist, and I can’t wait to see how it plays out!

Card image © Disney/Pixar and originally shared by Drew Taylor. 


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