New ‘Toy Story Drop!’ Game Launching Soon

Just today, a new Toy Story mobile game was announced via a new Instagram accountToy Story Drop! is set to launch this spring, and looks SO fun!  Even better, the announcement comes with gorgeous character graphics, with the best look at their Toy Story 4 models since the teaser trailers.

Toy Story Drop! will be a free match-3 game by Big Fish.  Although we don’t have an official release date yet, here’s what the game’s website has to say about it:

You’ve got a friend in match-3!

The world of Toy Story comes to life in this new, free-to-play, match-3 game!  Help Woody, Buzz, and favorite Disney•Pixar Toy Story characters overcome larger-than-life obstacles as you match through hundreds of exciting puzzles!

Toy Story Drop! Features

Match three or more colorful marbles to rescue stuck toys!  Add strategy with powerful boosts!

• Unleash the aliens’ saucer to zap away pieces!
• Shake things up with the shuffling Etch-a-Sketch!
• Swap marbles with… The CLAWWW!

Collect & assemble Toy Story character Playsets to unlock themed bonus levels!

While this game looks like a blast, and I’ll definitely be getting it the day it launches, it’s the graphics that have come out with the announcement that have me the most excited.  The characters look absolutely gorgeous!  Let’s take a look.  

There’s Bo in her classic dress!  This could be for the purpose of the game, but we do know now that there will be a flashback scene at the beginning of the movie, so even with her new look, we should definitely see her in her polka dot dress there.  Here’s another look, showing more of her:

From this image, it looks like the pink of her dress could be a jacket of sorts.  You can see the subtle pull of the fabric where the laces attach on the sides, and the netting might be an attached peplum at the base of it.  Also, the drape of her skirt should clear up any misconceptions about it being made of porcelain.  All of her clothing is unmistakably fabric.

But it’s not all about Bo and Woody.  Jessie and Buzz look fabulous as well:

Just look at my favorite sassy cowgirl!  I love it.  Here’s the rest of the gang – at least those shown on the game’s Instagram (it doesn’t mean the others won’t be in the game):

If there’s one constant in all my discussions with friends about the new images and models that are coming out, it’s the unbelievable detail.  The scratches, the fabric textures, the wear and tear and realistic surfaces, like we’ve never had before!  And we thought the toys looked great in Toy Story 3.  The animation in Toy Story 4 is going to blow us all away!

On the website, you can sign up for updates on the game.  The link wasn’t working last I checked, but keep trying, it’s all very new.  Will you be playing Toy Story Drop!?  I know I will be!

 All images © Disney/Pixar and Big Fish Games.  Many thanks to @thebigv75_vince on Instagram for the tip!


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  1. Moises Flores January 24, 2019 / 12:46 am

    Omgosh Absolutely in love with all tje chatacters specially Bo

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  2. HeyKawaii January 24, 2019 / 5:41 pm

    I will be playing toy story drop when it comes out!

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