‘Toy Story 4’ Thinkway Toys Revealed at London Toy Fair

I’ve been hoping we’d get a glimpse of Toy Story 4 merchandise from the London Toy Fair this week, and thanks to the site Licensing Source, we finally have our first look at a few of the movie’s new products!

Disney has had a big presence at the event, however the photos that have shown up online have been of photo ops for attendees, not actual merchandise images (with the exception of Funko Pops, which were not movie branded).  I’d expected this, honestly, as the Incredibles 2 line was highly guarded at last year’s Toy Fair, with strict non-disclosure rules of no photography.  So, I’m glad that we’ve been given at least one official look of just a couple of the new things to come!

Thinkway has produced Toy Story toys since the first film, and they are some of the highest quality and sought-after Toy Story collectibles out there.  The company will be adding to this line for Toy Story 4 – so far, with Buzz and Woody toys that offer new features, and a Forky toy.

According to the article, the new 12″ Buzz and 16″ Woody toys will be voice-activated and will have the capability to fall down.  Forky is also said to be interactive, and dances.  Here’s what Claire Terry, Commercial Director for Hardlines at The Walt Disney Company, had to say:

“We’re so pleased we’re able to showcase Thinkway’s new lines at London Toy Fair, from the drop-down Woody and Buzz products to the interactive toy featuring new character Forky.  The innovation and storytelling that went into developing these toys is second-to-none, and we’re sure that consumers will have a fantastic experience with them.  We also can’t wait to showcase the full product portfolio across multiple licensees and retailers in the spring ahead of the film’s June release.”

This new range of toys is supposed to hit shelves on April 22 – whether that is worldwide, or just the UK market (which the Fair is addressing), is unclear.

Thinkway’s Signature Collection has recently been re-released to Target stores (they can now be purchased online), so I imagine that these new products are a supplement to existing offerings.  Back with Toy Story 3, I remember multiple versions of Jessie, for one example – you could get her in the Signature line with yarn hair, or a less-expensive version with plastic hair.  Also, the wording of the article suggests that this range of toys will include more than what was just mentioned and shown publicly – it’s possible, too, that more of the line has been displayed at the Fair than what is shared here.  As we get closer to the film’s release, and more characters and details of the plot have been officially revealed by Pixar, we should see new additions to the Thinkway line – including the much-hoped-for Bo Peep.

We’ve still got one more day of London Toy Fair tomorrow, so stay tuned!  I’m still on the search for new Toy Story 4 toys!

Images © Disney/Pixar, Thinkway Toys, and London Toy Fair.


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