New ‘Toy Story 4’ Characters Appear on Build-A-Forky Media Gift

Sometimes the best little sneak peeks come from unsuspecting places!  Today’s find is from what appears to be a “Build-A-Forky” media or press gift that was sent out by Disney UK.

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New ‘Toy Story 4’ Posters and Merchandise Reveal Both Old and New Characters

I’m quickly learning that all the best treasures come from other countries, as far as Toy Story 4 news goes.  I’ve got two new poster images to share today, along with a few small images of merchandise – both featuring old and new characters, some of which we haven’t gotten a clear glimpse of yet!

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New ‘Toy Story Drop!’ Game Launching Soon

Just today, a new Toy Story mobile game was announced via a new Instagram accountToy Story Drop! is set to launch this spring, and looks SO fun!  Even better, the announcement comes with gorgeous character graphics, with the best look at their Toy Story 4 models since the teaser trailers.

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