Laurie Metcalf Mentions ‘Toy Story 4’ Flashback

Ever since news broke back in 2016 that Laurie Metcalf would be returning to voice Andy’s mom in Toy Story 4, there has been much speculation about how she would appear in the film.  Thanks to a brief interview that just surfaced on Instagram, now we know!

The very short clip, which can be watched here, was posted by Instagram user @laurie_metcalf_fans.  Although I can’t embed it, here’s what she said when asked about her role in the film:

“Surprisingly, my character is in it for a second.  And they showed me the mock up of what they had – which is a little flashback, and it’s in the very beginning of the movie – and it made me cry.”

To me, this sounds like we’re going to find out what happened to Bo Peep by way of this flashback, which is wonderful news!  I’ve been hoping (as have my friends) that we’d get to see firsthand how she left the toys all those years ago, and it seems like we’ll get our wish.  And considering that it made her cry, we will also likely either see the moment Woody and Bo parted ways, or their emotionally-charged reactions to being torn apart from each other.

I’m also happy to hear that her role in the movie is set in the past, which confirms even further that Andy won’t be a part of the toys’ lives any longer.  No matter how sad Woody and Bo’s breakup was – and let’s face it, we’ll all be sobbing! – I can’t wait to finally get some definitive answers as to how they came to be separated.

Toy Story 4 logo © Disney/Pixar.  Laurie Metcalf photo ©  SAG-AFTRA.  Many thanks to @FtdNfh on Twitter for this tip!  


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