Annie Potts on ‘The Talk’: Bo is Back in ‘Toy Story 4’

After much social media anguish over Bo Peep’s absence from the new Toy Story 4 teaser trailer, Annie Potts’ appearance today on The Talk should silence all the rumors of her character being cut from the upcoming film.

Although Potts was on the talk show to promote her CBS series Young Sheldon, the hosts were quick to ask her about Toy Story 4, while also showing a clip of the teaser trailer.  There isn’t a video of the interview available online as of now; but should one be posted, I’ll include it here.  Until then, here’s what was said regarding the movie:

Jodie Sweetin:  This week, Toy Story fans are extremely excited – myself included – this week the trailers for ‘Toy Story 4’ were released.  And the film is going to be coming out in June.  So, what is going on with your character Bo Peep?  Is there anything you can tell us?

Annie Potts:  No.  But she is back.  Bo is back; and in a big way.  

Jodie Sweetin:  C’mon, tell us…

Annie Potts:  I can’t!  You’ll just have to wait.  But it’s awesome.  Everything they do is so wonderful. 

The audience and the hosts speak for all of us – there was much groaning when she wouldn’t spill any new details.  But the important information to take from this – along with Potts’ previous statements – is that Bo IS back.  Give it time, and we’ll soon know more about her updated look, and her role in Toy Story 4!

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