Three More ‘Toy Story 4’ Lego Sets Revealed

Thanks to all the news out of Toy Fair this weekend, we’ve got a look at three new Lego sets being released for Toy Story 4, to go along with the one that was revealed already.

Now that we’ve seen the film’s flashback clip featuring RC, this set makes a lot more sense.  The smallest in the line, it comes with a Woody minifig and some super cute tiny Green Army Men.

The second new set, “Carnival Thrill Coaster,” is suspected to be a Walmart exclusive.  It includes Buzz and one Alien, and I’m curious to see if there is a coaster in the film, or if this is just building on the carnival theme that’s so prevalent throughout.

This third set is my favorite, though.  “RV Vacation” is a larger one – closer to the scale of the carnival set we saw yesterday – and features Jessie, Rex, another Alien, and a tiny Forky.  We’ve also got the name of “Great Basin” here for the RV park where they’ll be staying, a glimpse of what the RV will look like, and the overall camping theme.

Toy Fair attendees have been sharing photos of the display as well, so let’s take a closer look at some of the sets, as posted by PopSugar

This is the carnival set that was shown on Friday – it’s also the biggest of the series.  I’m still really intrigued by that Terrorantulus ride!

And here’s Woody with RC.  Is he going to be the one who goes outside to get RC out of the rain?  Will we see the Green Army Men again, or are they just included for nostalgia?

The rollercoaster set is the only one I’ve seen actual box art of.  The bug cars are so cute, and I like the little snack stand, too!

Finally, the RV set.  Yep, I still love the details in this one!  Can toys eat?  I don’t care, because how adorable is Jessie with her picnic feast?

Lego sets will be available for purchase as of April 22.  There are two more that we haven’t seen yet: one themed to a playground, and another with Duke Caboom.  I’m guessing that these are more spoilery; and while they may have been on display at Toy Fair, photos weren’t allowed.

I’ll admit, all the Toy Fair news has been a bit overwhelming for me – I’m used to reporting on things that are more specifically movie-clue related, not so much the ins and outs of product details, so it’s been daunting to keep up with everything!  The fair runs through Tuesday, though, so I’ll be posting a recap with more toys that have been (or are yet to be) released once the event wraps up.  Keep an eye out over the next couple days!

Product images © Disney/Pixar and Lego.  Event photos © PopSugar.