Toy Story 4: Is Bo Peep Getting a New Look?

There may be a very good reason why Bo Peep wasn’t included in the Toy Story 4 teaser trailers – and not just suspense.  A new image that surfaced on Instagram suggests that she may be getting a drastically different look in the upcoming movie.

Instagram user supersorrel shared the image of upcoming Disney Toybox figure releases (found by scjacka and posted on Tumblr), and the Pixar silhouette appears to be Bo Peep and her sheep, but dressed in an entirely new way than when we saw her last.

If this is indeed Bo (and who else could it be?), from the clues we have, it seems as if a later owner may have repurposed her original outfit, or given her a completely new one – or, did she do this to herself, for some sort of practical reason?  Do we meet her looking like this, or do they encounter her in her classic dress, and she changes things around for ease of movement as the action unfolds?  Judging from the vague outline, her shoes could be missing, or just simplified or stylized for this particular figure; it’s also unclear if her right leg has been broken off or if her foot is facing forward.  But it looks like she could still be wearing her bloomers, and perhaps her skirt has been turned into some sort of cape or poncho.  Her crook is over her shoulder, and something that I can’t decipher is on the side of her head.  The sheep – while they have more legs than in the first movie – still look like the one big sheep with three heads.

My friend heathinator on Tumblr sketched out this potential image based on the silhouette:

Another friend – darkmatternova on Tumblr – drew her take on the mysterious image as well:


A while back, I reported on a forum post I’d found suggesting that an existing character would be getting a new look, and it was suspected that the poster was referring to Bo based on the information given:

[Like] Helen Parr getting the spotlight in Incredibles 2 … there’s something that really points to that sort of direction in some of the art and, specifically, a returning character’s in-universe redesign.

What does this mean for the story?  What has Bo been through?  Where will they find her?  Is she at this carnival somewhere?  Is she tied to the hippie mom that was rumored ages ago (is the hippie mom still even a thing)?  And what will Woody think of his girl’s new style?  Let’s face it, he’ll love her no matter what – but what will SHE think of it?  Will she have embraced it, or think she’s flawed in her new form?  Will she have changed in more ways than appearance?  This only makes it clearer why we haven’t seen her yet.  If Bo has truly been altered this much, then when she IS revealed, it’s going to be huge.

What do you think of Bo’s potential new look?  Share in the comments!

Images © Disney/Pixar.