NEW ‘Toy Story 4’ International Trailer and Posters

Well, I woke up to a wonderful surprise this morning!  After Toy Story 4 director Josh Cooley teased that there would only be one trailer for the upcoming film, I did not expect to see a brand new trailer – and two new posters – so soon after the first!

While the US market might in fact not get anything else, I’ll take new clips wherever I can get them.  Here’s the trailer, which was released to international audiences:

I’ve seen this online in several languages, and I’m so glad there’s an English version so we know what’s going on!

The action is very similar to the previous trailer, but with a little less editing.  We don’t see the same Woody and Bo flashbacks – there’s not a lot of Bo at all, actually – or quite so much of Gabby Gabby and Benson.  Instead, we see a tiny bit more of the original characters (who still appear to be left behind in the RV) and Buzz going out in search of Woody.

The two new posters are fantastic – they feature the classic gang and are less sinister-looking than the American poster we got last week.  The first is in French…

… and the second in Spanish.  This is my favorite of the two, because it shows them in action.

Despite all these familiar faces, I’m still getting the vibe that Toy Story 4 will focus primarily on the new characters, besides Woody, Bo, and Buzz.  There’s still a lot we haven’t seen, though, so I’m hoping that we’ll be pleasantly surprised and find them involved with the action, too.

We’ve only got 12 weeks left until Toy Story 4 hits theaters!  Keep an eye on this blog for the latest news – we should be getting updates more frequently from here on out!

Images and video © Disney/Pixar.