NEW Full Length ‘Toy Story 4’ Trailer and Poster

Here it is, what we’ve been waiting SO long for!  This morning on Good Morning America, a brief clip of the Toy Story 4 trailer was shown, but the full thing is now online, and it’s wonderful!

This trailer – which corroborates with the report from the Disney shareholders meeting – clocks in at 2:28, so I’m guessing the 1:35 one that was rated earlier must’ve gotten either scrapped or lengthened.  And I’m glad, because director Josh Cooley tweeted late last night that this is the only trailer we’ll be getting:

There’s too much in the trailer to discuss it all – you really have to watch it for yourself! – but we do finally get a look at Duke Caboom, Giggle McDimples, Gabby Gabby, and what appears to be an army of ventriloquist dummy henchmen – also, Bonnie’s dad!   There’s also a party scene where Pixar classic Tin Toy can be spotted, and other Easter egg discoveries are sure to follow.  I have to say, Forky comes across as very appealing in this, more so than I expected (I was expecting him to be more comic relief).   The trailer focuses heavily on Woody and Bo, which is to be expected – it is their story, after all, and we’ve always known that it would be.  It’s clear from the brief glimpse at what I assume is their goodbye scene at Andy’s that their parting is going to be extremely emotional.

Along with all the new toys – and Woody and Bo, of course – it’s great to see so many other old friends, too.  I’m hoping from Buzz’s “Let’s go!” line that they’ll all go on the adventure to find Woody, with Buzz maybe getting separated from the gang during his encounter with Ducky and Bunny.  As far as locations, it seems that the town where this all takes place is called “Grand Basin,” and we get a glimpse of the carnival, antique store and RV where the action will be unfolding.  It looks like a good balance of old and new, in keeping with the other films in the series, and I’m very optimistic (as I always have been!) that this will be a fantastic movie worthy of the franchise.

As if a new trailer wasn’t enough, we also got a new poster for the film:

I’ll be honest, I wish it showed more of the old gang, but I guess they didn’t want to make it too crowded.  At least the international version of the poster featured classic characters.  And the biggest thing I’d like to point out is that it confirms Randy Newman is in fact doing the music for Toy Story 4! Although it was suspected that he was – and announced years ago before all the story changes occurred – I’m so glad to know definitively that he’ll be continuing that tradition!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch this trailer on repeat for the rest of the day!

Video and images © Disney/Pixar. 


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