Tim Allen Teases More About Emotional ‘Toy Story 4’ Ending

Today I discovered another interview with Tim Allen, this time on the set of Last Man Standing, where Extra TV talked to him about his series, as well as Toy Story 4.  His statements about the upcoming sequel were much like the others he’s made over the past few weeks, and touched upon the emotional nature of the film.

It is so funny.  The new characters they involve – great.  The story – great.  But part of it – whoa. I couldn’t get through the last twenty minutes, and especially the last five.  Very difficult for Woody and Buzz.  It’s a wonderful story.

While he was speaking, Nancy Travis – who plays Allen’s wife on Last Man Standing – interrupted, saying, “Stop.  Don’t tell anymore.  Just leave it.”   Has he shared the ending with her?  It makes me wonder how much she knows, too.  Was she just playing along?

You can watch the interview here, with Toy Story 4 mentioned around the 1:30 mark:

I still don’t know what to make of Allen’s repeated remarks regarding this “difficult” finale of the movie.  If he was really giving away the ending, would Pixar be allowing him to give this same description over and over again, during almost every interview he’s done over the course of two weeks?  While I’m sure it is very emotional – just like everything from Pixar – I wonder how much he’s trying to throw us off course, so that the true conclusion comes as a total surprise.

All I can say is that I hope we get something directly from Pixar soon.  With just about six weeks until the release of Ralph Breaks the Internet, a teaser trailer could be close – but, of course, that won’t give us any clues about the ending.  I’m already on an emotional roller coaster with this movie – wondering what the story will be, with so little information to go by – and we still have eight months to go!

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  1. Dana Richman October 6, 2018 / 8:19 am

    Oh brother……. I hate to say this but i really do not want to hear any more spoilers……..it’s gotten to the point where it has made me so nervous.


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