Toy Story 4: Tim Allen Hints at Buzz’s Side of the Story

Although Tim Allen’s promotional run for the new season of Last Man Standing has concluded, he’s still busy out on the standup circuit, which occasionally leads to interviews.  And since he always seems to enjoy discussing Toy Story and his role as Buzz Lightyear, I’ve found a brief, new mention of Toy Story 4.

In an article from Westchester Magazine, promoting an upcoming appearance at the Stamford, Connecticut Palace Theater, Allen again brought up his ongoing work on Toy Story 4:

It’s become an iconic thing and much bigger than me.  Pixar is so meticulous about content that my side of the story is not completely ironed out yet, but I love doing the character.  It always goes back to that original story that Pixar wrote about friendships.  It was a wonderful story, and it continues to be a wonderful story.

It’s not uncommon for voice actors to go back to the studio multiple times to record, so the fact that they’re still polishing his role isn’t unusual for a Pixar film.  What is interesting to me is that, according to Allen’s statements here, Buzz has his own side of the story!  Previous Toy Story movies have always seen Woody as the primary focus, with a subplot for Buzz (his identity crisis in the first; the rescue mission in the second; and his various modes and relationship with Jessie in the third).  So the suggestion that this trend will continue in the fourth installment is exciting – and of course, leaves so many questions of what Buzz’s journey could be!

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