‘Woody’s Augmented Reality Adventure’ Book Sneak Peek

I’ve got something fun to share, before I take my movie hiatus.  I’m so excited that Carlton Books gifted me a copy of Woody’s Augmented Reality Adventure, the coolest interactive book featuring all the Toy Story gang!

You can enjoy this book just as it is, but it’s the augmented reality aspect of it that makes it so great!  Once you’ve installed the free Toy Story app – available from the App Store or Google Play – you’re good to go.  Now you can bring the gang to life in 3D, right from the pages of the book, just by scanning the images inside.  I took mine outside on this beautiful summer afternoon to get some pics of the characters in action.

Woody is up first.  And if you tap on him, he’ll fall down like someone’s coming!

No worries, though, he’ll stand right back up again.  This is my son’s favorite of all the activities, he thought it was so funny to make Woody flop around!

The next character you can interact with is Buzz, of course.

You can press his buttons to make sounds, pop out his wings…

… and even fire his laser!

You can also sort Hamm’s coins…

… and stack up Aliens.  This one’s tricky!

Lastly, of the characters I can share right now, we’ve got Bo Peep.  You open her up in her classic box…

… then once you tap on it, she’s revealed in her new look!

You can also drive Duke Caboom around on his motorcycle, as well as scan sheriff badges to collect the parts to build (and play with) Forky.  But those pages are off limits for posting right now, until after the movie!  Just know they’re fun as well.

In between these 3D interactive character pages, there are plenty of regular pages featuring the rest of the toys.  Jessie has a nice two-page spread, just like the boys and Bo, which made me very happy!  This fangirl also very much appreciates the content on these Jessie pages.  Referencing her romantic relationship with Buzz?  Yes!!!  Thank you!

Another bit of text also touches on her sibling-like relationship with Woody – which is the first time I’ve ever seen that in a kids’ book (the brother-sister thing has been mentioned in cast and crew interviews in the past).  I love this just as much as the Buzz reference, because I’ve always seen Jessie and Woody as siblings myself.

Speaking of relationships, Woody and Bo are also mentioned on one of Bo’s pages, which – being a total sap who’s a big fan of Toy Story’s love stories – it’s wonderful to see her officially called his girlfriend in print.  The couples so often get overlooked, but not here!

Barbie and Ken get a page, too, as do the Green Army Men.  Rex, Slinky Dog, Wheezy, the Potato Heads, and the first three movies’ villains also get their due.  The last pages of the book feature Toy Story 4 additions, like Giggle McDimples, Gabby Gabby, Benson, and Ducky and Bunny.

That’s all I’m going to share for now – if you’d like to see the rest, you can buy your own copy on Amazon or the Carlton Books website.  And you really should – this book is really a lot of fun, both for its interactive activities as well as the print content.  It’ll give you something to play with over the next week or so, while you wait to go see the movie!

Images © Disney/Pixar and Carlton Books.  Photos taken by me.  Many thanks to Carlton Books for my copy!