‘Toy Story 4’ Update: Merchandise Hitting Store Shelves, Movie Officially Rated

We’re now within two months of Toy Story 4‘s release, and the promotion of the movie has definitely begun!  From online shopping to brick-and-mortar stores, Toy Story 4 toys and other products are starting to become readily available, with the first wave of toy launches hitting retailers this week.  I’ve also got some news on Toy Story 4‘s rating, as the movie nears completion.

Before I dig into the merchandise, I want to start by saying that I’m not going to list every single item out there.  I’d make myself crazy and completely stressed out trying to keep up with it all.  Searches on sites like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Barnes & Noble (along with just generic Google searches) will bring up all sorts of new treasures every day.  But what I can share are some of the things I’ve bought so far – which is by no means comprehensive, and I don’t intend it to be.  I’m a selective collector, but maybe the things I’ve bought will still be helpful to others with the same interests.

RV Vacation Lego Set

Legos were on a lot of fans’ minds this past Monday, which was the street date for them to be stocked on store shelves.  It’s been a little frustrating over the past few weeks – some stores broke that street date and sold them early, while mine refused to sell any of the kits, even though they had them in stock.  Anyway, since I’m a Jessie collector the only one of the sets I really needed was the “RV Vacation” set (#10769), which features Jessie, Forky, Rex, and one of the Aliens with the family’s RV at their Grand Basin campsite.

I’m no toy reviewer, especially no Lego expert, so I’ll just share some pics of the kit as I bought it.  I squealed from the cuteness many times as I was assembling it.  The box art itself is pretty darn cute…

That updated render of Jessie is gorgeous.  And Forky is quickly becoming one of my new favorites.

Just look at the minifig poses on the side of the box!  That tiny hot dog… and Forky is about as big as a minute.

Here’s a glimpse of everything it came with.  I’ll admit, I don’t have a lot of personal experience with building Legos.  My son has Legos, of course, but my hubby builds the kits with him most of the time, if he needs help.  This was MY first kit of my very own, and I gotta say, it was pretty fun and relaxing to assemble after a hectic day of running around town looking for Toy Story 4 merch.  The entire set has a home now on the shelf with some of my other collectibles…

There’s the Grand Basin sign, along with a campsite complete with grill, picnic table, lantern, and cabin.

I love the RV.  The skateboard was one of the accessories, along with a plate and cup, food (hot dog in a bun, croissant, and a green apple), camera, and a marshmallow on a stick.

Inside, there’s a sink and a toilet(?), along with a driver’s seat and steering wheel.  I don’t know if I’ll be buying any more of the Lego sets – maybe, if my son wants one of his own – but I will definitely be looking for more minifigs to keep this gang company!

Also… in the first of the photos of the assembled Legos, you can see the new Toy Story 4 Jessie Funko Pop on the shelf.  We got a Forky, too, and will probably be adding more to that collection in the coming months.

Campground Adventure Little People Set

Sensing a theme here?  This set is called “Jessie’s Campground Adventure” and is just about as sweet as it can be.  Jessie seems to be attached to RV stuff (which I expect to have something to do with the story, possibly holding down the fort with Bonnie’s other toys).  And I’ve actually had this for a while, but had to wait til it was officially released to share it.  I especially love things that are Jessie AND Buzz (they’re the best Disney couple, don’t argue me on this), so this was a must have from the moment I saw it.  It’s no more spoilery than the Lego set, but it does have a ton of fun details.

Again, not going to really review anything pro or con, but I’ll share plenty of pics…

The box before I dug into it.  I don’t keep my toys packaged, I open them and enjoy them (but I do save the boxes on their own).

The back of the box shows an overview of the features, as well as the ferris wheel playset that’s in stores now, too.

Buzz and Jessie welcome you to their home away from home!  Here’s what it looks like inside…

It opens to reveal a sort of campsite area on the left, and beds to the right.

Also a cooler stocked with treats… and Slinky?

There’s a game table, that flips when you press the button…

… if you’d like to share watermelon with Hamm instead.

Dolly’s snuggled up with Buttercup by the fire…

… while it looks like Bullseye’s headed to the carnival.

Trixie and (a nervous) Forky are hanging out in a cubby, along with the Luxo ball.

A drawing of Rex is on the wall.  

And here’s Buzz and Jessie on the road for their own adventure!

This set just makes me smile.  The character figures are the cutest, and so are all the details.  My son is beyond the age of Little People, so I’ll be keeping the RV all to myself, big kid that I am.

Toy Story Monopoly

My family and I have a Disney-edition Monopoly game, and we’re always competing for the “Andy’s Room” space on the board, so this was one of the new releases I just had to have.  And now that I do, we’ll be able to play a whole game that’s JUST Toy Story!

As someone who’s a big fan of the Toy Story couples, the way they’re posed on this game (Buzz and Jessie, and Woody and Bo) was an added bonus.

They’re like that on the game board too!  There is one movie per side, as well as “The Claw” and “Toy Chest” spaces.

In fact, it even comes with a little paper Andy’s toy box (you have to assemble it) to store all the pieces in.  I LOVE that I finally have a Jessie game piece!  And my hubby can play as his favorite, Buzz.

Of course Woody and Bo (in her new outfit) are also represented.  Other characters included are Rex and an Alien.

Although there isn’t anything really spoilery about the game, a few of the cards give away slight clues to Toy Story 4‘s plot.

Looks like Gabby Gabby might kidnap Forky based on this one, which isn’t that surprising…

… and of course it’ll lead to a rescue!  That’s possibly part of what we’ve seen in the trailers.

But who is Dragon?  The cat, maybe?

Some of the cards I just liked on their own…

Officer Giggle McDimples gets you out of jail?  Of course!

And I’m forever a sucker for Spanish Mode.

I haven’t actually had a chance to play it yet, but I know we’ll try it out soon.  We still have Toy Story editions of other games from when Toy Story 3 came out – it always makes it more fun to play with favorite characters!

Toy Story 4 Rating

One little bit of news I discovered today, on the sites Box Office Mojo and FilmRatings.com, is that Toy Story 4 has officially received a G rating by the MPAA.  Not gonna lie, I was hoping that it would break the mold and get a PG rating, to push some of the story themes a little further, but I’m sure there would have been too much mom backlash if they had (and don’t come after me for saying that; I’m a mom, too).  I suppose this keeps it in line with the other three movies, and a G rating didn’t diminish the quality of the first three films’ storylines.  I just hate seeing brilliant animated movies being categorized as “kiddie cartoons” by the general public – I’ve witnessed so many people on social media saying they’ll have to use their child/younger sibling/etc. as an “excuse” to see Toy Story 4 this summer, which isn’t right.  There should be no excuse necessary, other than that it’s a worthwhile film made by talented artists.

That’s about all I have for now.  For more real-time updates – as I see merchandise in stores when I’m out shopping, or for smaller images and stories that don’t require a full blog writeup – be sure to keep an eye on my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.  Things are really picking up, and will only be increasing in momentum in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for news as it happens!

All toy photos taken by me, from my personal collection.  Any packaging imagery © their respective companies.