‘Toy Story 4’ Toys Debut at New York Toy Fair

Toy Fair just started today in New York City, and we’ve already got a look at some of Mattel’s new line of toys for Toy Story 4!

Shared by TTPM on both Instagram and Twitter, the previews show a variety of minifigs, action figures, and Hot Wheels cars.  Here’s a closer look:

There are some action figures of both classic and new characters, with what looks to be an Imaginext playset of Buzz’s spaceship.

Action figures include Slinky, Forky, Jessie, Rex…

… Ducky, Bunny, Buzz, Woody, and Bo.

We’ve got a closer look at Barbie, and Bo Peep with her changeable outfits.

Lots of cute new minifigs, in both new and old characters!  Those sheep are adorable.  

This looks to be the Buzz Bot from Imaginext.

And we’ve got just a sampling of the Hot Wheels cars – the Aliens can be seen in the background, too – but probably the rest are all a little too spoilery still.

On Instagram, @mmdisney200 also shared a closer look at the Bo Peep doll, which is officially titled “Epic Moves Bo Peep.”

Her skirt reverses into her cape, and the pink bodice is a separate piece.  I’m guessing her bow – which appears to be plastic – is a hairband that can snap off to be replaced with the bonnet.

Although many reveals at Toy Fair are super secretive, what I’m guessing is the toys that were allowed to be photographed are ones that feature existing or already-announced characters.  We’re still not seeing anything to do with Duke Caboom or Gabby Gabby, but hopefully soon!

I expect there to be much more coming out of this weekend, including a closer look at the other Bo Peep doll that was shown during this morning’s Good Morning America segment.  Keep an eye on my Twitter and Instagram, in case we get bombarded faster than I can put a post together here.  I’ll be sure to share as soon as announcements come out!

Logo © Disney/Pixar.  Toy photos from TTPM and @mmdisney200 on Instagram.