‘Toy Story 4’ Recording Wraps Up; Sneak Peek Airing After the Super Bowl

The past 24 hours have seen a lot of exciting little tidbits of news on Twitter, both about the progress of Toy Story 4, and the first glimpse of the movie that we’ve been waiting so long for – which will in fact air this weekend during the Super Bowl broadcast!

In my post yesterday, I mentioned that Tom Hanks had shared his final recording session for the film:

Late last night, Tim Allen also tweeted that he’d concluded his recording sessions for Buzz..

…and later posted this image of a framed photo he received from Pixar:

Tony Hale – the voice of Forky – tweeted that he was done recording as well:

So far, those are the only voice actors I’ve seen tweet about wrapping up their work on Toy Story 4.  Unfortunately, Annie Potts and Joan Cusack aren’t on Twitter – or really involved anywhere on social media – so while we know they have been recording, we don’t know if their work has concluded yet.  As far as the supporting cast, John Ratzenberger, for one, confirmed back in September that he had finished recording his role, so I think it’s safe to assume it’s in the home stretch for everyone.  Because…

…one of the animators working on the film said that they’ve only got a month of animation left, which means things are really coming to a conclusion.  Of course, then the animated shots have to be sent along in the pipeline for final rendering, but it’s still getting close to done.

One thing I’m taking away from these remarks – especially from Tom Hanks and Tim Allen – is that they say they’re done recording specifically for Toy Story 4.  Nothing hints at a finality of the series or the characters, just this particular chapter.  So, for those of us who would like to leave the door open for more adventures with the Toy Story gang in the future, it’s a glimmer of hope.  And despite Allen’s foreboding comments in his interview yesterday, his description of the movie in his tweet as being “a wonderful full body story” that everyone will love, and that it has “everything,” offers a little more optimism.

Now, to get our first real look at this movie… which will finally be happening this weekend!  In a video featuring Ducky and Bunny watching a screen, Pixar shared all across social media that they will air a sneak peek of Toy Story 4 following the Super Bowl on Sunday.  Here’s the announcement as it appeared on Twitter:

The use of the wording “sneak peek” makes me wonder whether it will be the actual trailer that was rated a few weeks ago, or if it will be a short movie clip focusing on one specific scene.  If it is a brief teaser clip, I’d suspect we might see the full trailer released Monday morning, or even Sunday night to coincide with the game’s broadcast.

Lastly, while we’re on the subject of Ducky and Bunny, these guys just started their own Twitter yesterday as well, and it’s very clever and fun.  So while you’re following along with the other Pixar and Toy Story pages, give them a follow, too!

Counting down the days til Sunday, y’all!  The wait is almost over!

Images © Disney/Pixar.


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