‘Toy Story 4’ Pushed Back Another Year


The Toy Story news I feared was sadly confirmed by various credible sources today, all of whom  announced that Toy Story 4 would be swapping release dates with Incredibles 2.  Now we have to wait until June 21, 2019 to see the toys again.

Here’s what the Hollywood Reporter had to say:

The Incredibles 2 will now hit theaters on June 15, 2018 while Toy Story 4 will hit theaters on June 21, 2019.  The two films are swapping dates thanks to an accelerated production schedule for Incredibles 2, Disney insiders say.

I was concerned several months ago, when Andrew Stanton and Lindsey Collins toured to promote Finding Dory and hinted at changes in the studio’s release schedule.  I tried to dismiss it as just misreading their statements, but unfortunately, I was correct in my assumptions.  It also explains why recent interviews with Tom Hanks and Tim Allen revealed little to nothing about the film, and why there have been no updates at all for a very long time.

It’s another serious blow to Toy Story fans like myself, but I hope that the filmmakers persevere and continue to work on it, and don’t end up throwing it away.  Despite the (unfair) criticism and hate the idea of a fourth film has received, there are just as many – if not many more – fans who want nothing more than to revisit the Toy Story world.  I’ve been so looking forward to seeing the toys again, and hope that maybe, just maybe, Pixar might throw us a short in the meantime to tide us over (not that I’ve heard of one, though, that’s just wishful thinking).

Although the Pixar website still lists a 2018 release, there’s no reason to doubt the word of many reputable sources.  I will continue to search for updates on the delay, and will share should more details emerge.

UPDATE:  Oh My Disney has also now reported on the change, which unfortunately makes it Disney-official.


8 thoughts on “‘Toy Story 4’ Pushed Back Another Year

  1. Rebecca K. October 26, 2016 / 3:59 pm

    “Not what I had in mind.” -Joy

    Oh man! Darn! Big sigh…I’m disappointed. Maybe you’re right that they’ll give us a short. Hope so, and also agree in hoping that this long with the movie coming out will make it even better. I’m an impatient person, so this is very trying! My sister and I are looking forward to the movie, and I’ve been praying for guidance for the writers, that it will be beautiful and wonderful.

    I heard that Toy Story4 is supposed to be a romantic comedy, but after hearing the story plot, I’m like, “A comedy? Sure there will be laughs in it, but how is this to be turned into a comedy?” The writers say that they love the characters as much as we do, so I do not believe that they’ll treat their work flippantly, but still another year? Ohhh…as long as they keep it up!

    Joy: “Ugh! Okay, we’re just gonna have to go the long way.”

    Sadness: “Yeah, the long, long, long way.” -Inside Out

    My goodness. All this disappointing Toy Story news. It’s getting old. Anyway…I hope your Disney trip will still be enjoyable, though I know you’re gonna miss your Jessie M& G time very badly.

    I hopefully have only one more chapter to post in Light the Night with Love, my fanfic of Buzz and Jessie’s wedding. Your portrayal of their wedding in It’s a Toy’s World was so beautiful!

    I certainly hope you start receiving more positive news about something soon!

    “Just keep swimming..”


    • Heidi October 26, 2016 / 6:33 pm

      It’s just devastating! 😥 I haven’t heard anything about a short at all, and I’m sure they have their hands full with Toy Story 4, but it’s SUCH a long wait, after getting a constant stream of shorts and specials since Toy Story 3. This is basically the first year we haven’t gotten anything new with the characters since the last film… and we’re looking at a LONG road ahead until we see anything else. :/

      Oh, I’m sure it’ll be along the lines of Toy Story 3, as far as the comedy level goes. There will be laughs, and lighthearted moments, but not enough to take away from the serious story with Woody and Bo. I just don’t understand what the issue is with the story – what problems are so severe that they have had to delay things twice? Or are they just more interested in moving Cars and Incredibles forward? It’s upsetting, and disheartening, and at this point I fear that the movie needs a miracle to happen at all. 😛 It HAS to happen, though! They’ve hyped it, and gotten fans excited for it, they have to keep plugging away and make it the fantastic movie I know it can be!

      Thank you… I’m gonna try and make the best of our vacation, and see Jessie where I can, in the parade. I’m still fighting for her! I haven’t given up on her yet. I hope things turn around for us Toy Story fans soon! We certainly need it. 😦

      Let me know when you finish your fic, I'll give it a read. I'm behind on my fanfic reading. I'm so glad you like my wedding story! ❤ I loved writing it. 🙂

      "Jessie never gives up, Jessie finds a way!"


  2. Dana October 28, 2016 / 9:37 pm

    OH, GODDAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just KNEW this would happen!!!!!!!!!!! I do not think it has so much to do with the story, but that more people have been wanting an INCREDIBLES sequel more than a TOY STORY sequel!! Because, you know, toy story 3 ended Soooooooooooooo perfectly! (EXCEPT FOR BO!!!!!!!! SHE WAS NOT EVEN IN THE THIRD ONE!!!!!!! I MISSED HER!!!!!!!) Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttt I guess no one likes Bo!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe when people heard this was supposed to be a love story between woody and bo they hated the idea of another movie!! **SIGH** DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!! **SIGH** Well, I have to admit, that I loved the Incredibles movie just as much as I did Toy Story and I have to admit I was excited about another Incredibles as well………….but WHY???!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!???!??!?? I do hope it is NOT Because of story problems…..I hope it is just a “just because” decision to move it forward a year!


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