‘Forky Asks A Question’ Trailer Debuts

Today we finally got our first glimpse of the new short series Forky Asks a Question, that will be debuting November 12 on Disney+!

The short little video was shared across social media, and I’m so happy to see that it takes place in Bonnie’s room – as opposed to some vague documentary format that had been speculated by some – and appears as if it it may include more than just one toy per episode:

Judging from this, and from previous references to the series, here are the episodes we know so far, along with the toy that appears to be the one Forky initially asks:

What is Love?  (unknown)
What is Time?  (Old Timer, with Rex)
What is Cheese?  (Buttercup, with the Peas-in-a-Pod and Mr. Spell!)
What is Art?  (Pricklepants)
What is a Friend?  (unknown)
What is Money?  (Hamm)
What is the Internet?  (Trixie)
What is a Pet?  (Rib Tickles)

“What is Art?” is a question we didn’t know before, and “What is a Pet?” – featuring deleted Toy Story 4 character and Giggle McDimples’s former partner Officer Rib Tickles – was shared in an interview with film director Josh Cooley and producer Mark Nielsen earlier this month.  That leaves two more episodes that we still don’t know the theme of, and two we have the theme for but not the primary characters.  I don’t see Jessie, Buzz, or Slinky in there, however – or the toddler toys, voiced by classic comedians, who are supposed to make an appearance in the series – so I hope that they’re just saving those characters for the episodes and scenes that haven’t been revealed so far.  Even though I know these shorts will be truly short, and very quick-moving, it sure looks like they’re going to be a lot of fun!

Another series of shorts was announced today, Pixar IRL, also debuting on Disney+ on November 12.  Although not a lot is known about it as of yet, this series takes the characters out into the real world:

I’m wondering if this was the reason behind the orange traffic cones that were set up in NYC several months back, recreating the iconic Toy Story 2 scene along a sidewalk.  Guess we’ll find out soon!

In another recent interview with Digital Spy, Nielsen discussed the future of the Toy Story franchise, specifically in regards to the new streaming service:

You know, these characters are so interesting, and they all have such a different angle to them.  You really could take any of the characters in Bonnie’s room, and they’re all worthy of their own series.  They have these implied histories, and they’ve got these implied futures.

I was fortunate enough to produce the Forky series for Disney+, which is so much fun.  It’s 30 minutes more animation.  So it’ll be interesting. It’ll be fun to see the reaction to the Forky series when it comes out.  I think that will determine whether there’s more or not.

You know, there’s also a great Bo short for Disney+ called Lamp Life that’s going to feature sort of Bo’s life prior to Toy Story 4.  So there is a great opportunity in Disney+ to explore more characters.  And while we’re not in production on anything right now, there is certainly a possibility there.

Let’s make Forky Asks A Question a HUGE hit so that Pixar wants to make more with the toys for Disney+!  There’s truly so much potential there, with so many characters to draw from, I really hope this is just the beginning of great things to come.

Are you ready for Disney+ on November 12?  I know how I’ll be spending that day!  Stay tuned for more about Forky Asks Question, Lamp Life, and other Toy Story content!

Images © Disney/Pixar.