New ‘Toy Story 4’ Dog Toys From Hyper Pet

I don’t know that I’ve ever talked on my blog about my dachshund dog, Slinky, but he’s a sweet and spoiled little fella who loves to play.  So when Hyper Pet offered to gift me some of their new licensed Toy Story 4 dog toys, I was happy to share them with him (and you)!

Well, golly bob howdy!  There’s my Slinky Dog, the recipient of all the fun!

The Hyper Pet toys are cute, colorful, and well made – and the fact that they feature Toy Story characters is an added bonus for me, of course!  I was sent five different ones:

Buzz Lightyear Rope and Plush Dog Toy

Aliens Squeaking Latex Dog Toy

Hamm Squeaking Latex Dog Toy (with bonus curious snoot)

Bunny & Ducky Flying Squeaking Dog Dish.  That’s the front…

…and here’s the back.

Flippy Flopper Flying & Floating Dog Toy (Woody, Bo, and Buzz)

Flippy Flopper Flying & Floating Dog Toy (Bunny and Ducky)

Slinky was super excited when I pulled the toys out of the box.  He’s a good boy who knows the difference between his own toys and those that belong to the rest of the family – which I’m very appreciative of, in a household full of Toy Story collectibles.  But he’s also very energetic, and doesn’t sit still very well when we’re trying to get pictures of him.  His favorites were the ones with the squeakers – but that’s just him, anything that squeaks makes him go insane.

See?  Blurry.  Because the only time he’s still is when he’s sleeping.

He immediately carried them into his pen, because he didn’t want us to take his treasures from him.

That face says, “Don’t touch my new toys, mom.  They’re mine.”

Although Slink liked them all, I think the Bunny & Ducky Squeaking Dog Dish got the most love.  He’s never played frisbee before, so to him it was just a squeaky toy.  His obsession is playing catch with tennis balls, so we’re going to have to work with him and see if we can teach him a new version of the game.  He’s a smart little doggo, so I bet we can.   There’s only one of the series I haven’t seen in person – a Woody Rope Flyer – but since he’s so small, it might have been heavier for him than the others, anyway.

Many thanks to Hyper Pet for these great products!  You can find all the Toy Story 4 toys on Amazon, for your own doggo.