Toy Story 4: Tim Allen is Back as Buzz


As a guest on Conan this week, Tim Allen talked a little about Toy Story 4 and revealed to host Conan O’Brien that voice recording for Buzz Lightyear starts soon!

“This is the most amazing experience of my life – number one, Hanks and I have become friends over this thing – I really like this character … But they’re so scrubbed on this thing, that they won’t tell me anything about it, except I start doing Buzz in about three weeks.  So it’s a series – like two years after, it gets done.  But I got a preliminary idea, and I can’t tell you anything about it – cause I really respect them – but it’s really good.”

It’s always fun catching Tim Allen on the late night talk shows – he’s so funny, and you can just tell from the way he speaks of Toy Story that he really enjoys being Buzz.  Here’s the entire Toy Story 4-related segment from the interview:

Although no one really ever doubted that Allen would reprise his role in the new film – I’ve heard before that he and Tom Hanks have extended contracts for future projects – it’s good to have confirmation nonetheless.  He joins Don Rickles in stating that voice work is imminent for the returning cast; Kristen Schaal and Wallace Shawn have also mentioned their return.  For a complete rundown of what we know about Toy Story 4 so far, check out my previous post, and stay tuned for more updates!    

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