Should We Be Hysterical?

I can recall clearly when Toy Story 4 was announced last November.  It was a glorious night.  I was driving home from work when I got a message from a fangirl friend that, this time, the reports of a new movie were true.  It was all I could do to make it safely to my house, so that I could find an article confirming it – never mind our takeout dinner getting cold as I sat in my car, searching and texting.  Some things are more important…

I got in on the Toy Story 3 hype late in the game, so I missed the earliest round of announcements and previews.  (Once I heard that there would be a romantic storyline involving Buzz and Jessie, though, I was hooked.)  In the five years since Toy Story 3, I’ve stayed faithful as the fandom waned, and never stopped loving the characters, because they mean something to me.  The Toy Story ToonsToy Story of Terror, and Toy Story That Time Forgot brought new surges of popularity (and new updates for my friends and me to stalk and spazz out over), but nothing as widespread as with a film.  Even so, I was satisfied with the thought that we’d continue to get new content, albeit in shorter form.  Now, with Toy Story 4 less than two years away, I’m savoring the excitement surrounding every little tidbit of information Pixar decides to give us.  Oh, how they tease with their secrets!

Then there’s Toy Story Land.  I followed “insider” rumors for a year, always hopeful that Disney’s Hollywood Studios might get something akin to what already exists in Paris and Hong Kong.  Never could I have dreamed that we’d get something even better!  Between the movie and the park, the anticipation of what might be revealed during the D23 Expo weekend – and then ultimately all the reports that confirmed my wishes and seemed too good to be true – pretty much threw me into Toy Story overload, in the best possible way.

Which brings me to why I’ve decided to start this blog.   There’s going to be a LOT going on in the Toy Story fandom over the next several years!  And while there are many fantastic Pixar blogs out there, I’ve never really seen one devoted only to Toy Story news.  So, my hope is for my blog to be a resource for Toy Story fans like myself, to follow along as details emerge about Toy Story 4, and as the construction of Toy Story Land progresses.  I don’t claim to have any exclusive connections to Pixar or the Disney parks, but I do search diligently and often for credible and trustworthy sources.

Soon, there will be cast lists, concept art, production stills, and teaser trailers.  Soon, we’ll see construction walls, and cranes, and the steel of Slinky’s coaster rising in the distance.  Soon, there’ll be plenty for Toy Story fans to be excited about.

Should we be hysterical?

Maybe, but not right now.


2 thoughts on “Should We Be Hysterical?

  1. Star September 9, 2015 / 11:24 am

    Please introduce us to the better parts of the fandom, WITH FIC RECS and video recs, the ones with all the interactive Toy Story franchise material that one might have missed, like I was so desperate once to find the Toy Story 2 promotional character interviews with Bo that I drove myself crazy searching all over youtube and discovering game vids I didn’t know before.


    • jessielightyear September 9, 2015 / 11:57 am

      Hi! I really like the idea of focusing on some of the previously-released promo material for the films, and that’s definitely something I can look into doing. 🙂 I’ve driven myself crazy looking for that stuff too! Some of it can be found in my Tumblr archive at, but blog posts would definitely be easier to search. Thanks for the great suggestion!


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