New ‘Lightyear’ Trailer, Poster, and Concept Art

Today has been a big day for Lightyear! The final trailer and poster have both been released, along with some new concept art. So while I’m still kind of laying low this time around, I thought I’d make a post to try and collect all the goodies in one place.

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‘Lightyear’ Book Cover Art Online

I’m gonna be honest here, and say that I still really have very little motivation to post on this blog. Maintaining any sort of public presence (even a modest one, I have no delusions of fame) has become too much of a battleground, and I continue to be completely burned out from it all. That being said, I also mentioned in my last blog post that I would be around whenever I found any Lightyear news that I especially wanted to write about. So, since I’m excited to have found the cover art for several of the different Lightyear books online, I thought I’d pop on here and post them.

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