‘Pixar Popcorn’ to Premiere January 22 with ‘To Fitness and Beyond’

Happy New Year! Looks like I’ve got a tiny bit of news to share on this first day of 2021!

While my previous post gave a premiere date of January 22, 2021, for the new Pixar Popcorn shorts on Disney+, now we know a little bit more. It looks like the first short to air will be the one featuring Buzz Lightyear, To Fitness and Beyond. Laughing Place shared a list of the entire first season:

Episode 1 – To Fitness and Beyond
Episode 2 – Chore Day: The Incredibles Way
Episode 3 – Dancing with the Cars
Episode 4 – A Day in the Life of the Dead
Episode 5 – Cookie Num Num
Episode 6 – Dory Finding
Episode 7 – Fluffy Stuff with Ducky & Bunny
Episode 8 – Soul of the City

This lists the titles in the same order as was originally shown in the Investor Day video (screenshot above), so I’m assuming it’s accurate. Should the order change, I’ll post an update.

A video shared by Disney+, on their YouTube channel, confirms the January 22 date:

And another video, shared by Pixar Central, gives us our first fleeting glimpse of the Buzz short:

I would guess that these shorts will be around two minutes long like the Forky ones were, and I don’t expect to see any other characters than Buzz in his, or Ducky and Bunny in theirs. I can’t let myself get my hopes up that they’ll include any more of the gang, not after Forky Asks a Question kept things super simple. But I do hope that this series will continue (if Forky doesn’t, or even if it does), and will give us a chance to see more of the toys in Bonnie’s room that were left out of Toy Story 4 (and didn’t get featured in a Forky short). I’m still waiting for my girl Jessie to get some love again – it feels like they’re never gonna acknowledge that she exists, but I hope I’m wrong. Shorts can be excellent, too, and make fans just as happy! I don’t always need or want a feature film, just fun little visits with the characters I love are enough to tide me over.

I’m excited to see something new with Buzz, even if it’s just him, and even if it’s just for a couple minutes! Be sure to watch Pixar Popcorn on January 22!

Images © Disney/Pixar and Disney+. Many thanks to kendove84 on Instagram for tipping me off on the Buzz clip!