‘Forky Asks A Question’ Wins Pixar’s First Emmy!

What is an Emmy? Forky found out last night! Congratulations to the entire Forky Asks A Question team – including Director Bob Peterson and Producer Mark Nielsen – for their Emmy win, the very first for Pixar! The “What is Love?” episode received an award for Outstanding Short Form Animated Program.

The Emmys held their 2020 Creative Arts awards on Thursday, September 17, ahead of the main broadcast on Sunday, September 20. (I guess that means I don’t have to watch the Emmys this Sunday after all – but I probably will anyway.) Forky’s category begins at the 19:18 mark:

Peterson and Nielsen were on hand (from home, of course) to accept their award.

BP: Thank you, Television Academy, for this great honor.

MN: Bob and I partnered with a crew of Pixar’s best and brightest. So we share this honor with Team Forky Shorts, along with everyone at Disney+.

BP: We were blessed with a great cast. Tony Hale is always hilarious. And then we got to work with comedic geniuses – Carol Burnett, Betty White, Mel Brooks, and the late, great, Carl Reiner. So much fun.

MN: And to our families, your love and support made this possible.

BP: Family is everything. Thank you, guys, so much.

I loved the little Forky toy peeking over Bob Peterson’s shoulder. But the best part was when their families appeared behind both of them, showering them with confetti to celebrate.

I’m so happy for Pixar to win their first Emmy, thanks to the Toy Story franchise! And I hope this opens the door for more Toy Story shorts. I’ve said this before, but I think Forky Asks A Question did a great job in staying true to the lighthearted and clever humor of the Toy Story world – free from all the serious elements in the films – and I would love to see more with Forky and the gang in the future! There are so many more fun stories that could be told in Bonnie’s room, not to mention questions to be asked – just so long as Jessie and Buzz get included next time, pretty please!

Images © Disney/Pixar, Disney, and the Emmy Awards/Television Academy.