Tim Allen Talks ‘Toy Story 4’ on ‘Steve’


With Last Man Standing premiering tonight on Fox, Tim Allen’s appearance on the Steve talk show yesterday was the last in his run of promotional interviews for his series’ network switch.  Although his mention of Toy Story 4 this time was brief, it’s still worth sharing and discussing.

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Tim Allen Discusses ‘Toy Story 4’ on ‘The Talk’


I’ve got a new addition to Tim Allen’s series of Last Man Standing promotional interviews, and just like the others, he spent a good bit of time discussing Toy Story 4.  Today’s appearance was on CBS’s The Talk, and although his comments continue to be rather vague (as is to be expected), with each one he shares something a little bit different.

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Tim Allen Talks About ‘Toy Story 4’, Animation, and Toy Story Land

I’m really thankful for Tim Allen’s round of interviews right now, leading up to the new-network premiere of his sitcom Last Man Standing.  Today another one surfaced – this time from radio station Majic 95.5 – where he shared probably the most Toy Story 4 information we’ve gotten in quite some time.

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Toy Story 4: Release Dates for Books Now on Amazon

Although we don’t hear much about the extra work that goes on behind the scenes in preparation for a film, there are always merchandise and promotional projects happening in tandem with the actual filmmaking.  Books, for example, begin the process of publication long before the movie is released – and sometimes, when you’re lucky, you can find their titles ahead of time on Amazon or other publisher sites.  As a part of my constant searching for Toy Story 4 news, I often check for these as well, and today, I actually found some titles with their expected release dates!

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