Toy Story 4: Randy Newman to Score Sequel

Pixar Interview

Following my post this morning about Jim Morris speaking at an event in Australia, I’ve discovered a video interview from the television show Studio 10, where the President of Pixar revealed even more information about Toy Story 4!

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Toy Story 4: Pixar’s President Discusses Their Upcoming Films

Pixar Jim Morris

Pixar’s President, Jim Morris, was in Australia yesterday for a presentation of the studio’s upcoming slate of films.  While The Good Dinosaur and Finding Dory received the most attention, as would be expected, Toy Story 4 was touched upon briefly.  Here’s what I’ve been able to find, from various sources…

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Toy Story Throwback: Award-Winning Cowgirl

Jessie Award

In last week’s throwback post, I shared some images and clips of Jessie in a sequin-and-glitter-encrusted outfit for the 2000 Oscars.  But that wasn’t the only occasion my favorite cowgirl got dressed up for that year.  Did you know that, also in 2000, Jessie was honored with the Patsy Montana Entertainer Award by the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame?  According to the museum’s website, the award was named for Patsy Montana – an entertainer and “yodeling cowgirl” herself – and it recognizes those whose work in the entertainment field continues the tradition of the cowgirl.  Jessie is even listed on the site as a recipient!

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Toy Story Land: It’s a Toy’s World After All


Rumors aren’t as rampant for Toy Story Land as they are for Toy Story 4, but even so, I thought it would be useful to have a recap of what we know all in one place.  Toy Story Land has been a dream of mine for some time – ever since I learned that such lands existed both at Disney Studios Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland, I often thought how great it would be to have one in the United States, but figured the chances were pretty slim.  That was before I heard of John Lasseter’s visit – with other Disney executives – to Disney’s Hollywood Studios last fall, when we missed being in the park at the same time as him by only a week (I was not amused by my unlucky timing).  The most important detail, though, was the location where he was spotted – right by Toy Story Mania, and also in the area of the Backlot Tour, which was slated to close within a few days.  The buzz was that new Pixar content was coming – and thus my obsession with Toy Story Land began.

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Toy Story Throwback: Toy Story at the Oscars


Even though the next Academy Awards are still a while away, I thought that – with the Emmys this weekend and all – it might be a good time to revisit some of my very favorite archival material relating to the Toy Story films.  I usually don’t make a big fuss over awards shows myself, unless there’s a movie (or a television show, or a musical performer) that I care especially about – needless to say, anything Toy Story would definitely get me to watch!  And I’m no film critic or analyst, by any means, so don’t expect any discussion of the merits of nominations or statistical facts from me here.  With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s take a look at the toys’ presence at the Oscars back in 1996, 2000, and 2011…

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‘Toy Story 4’ Timeline: What We REALLY Know So Far


I felt the need to write this post for myself as much as for the other Toy Story fans out there.  There have been so many unfounded rumors going around lately about Toy Story 4, that I often end up searching through past articles and interviews for a reminder of what we truly know about the movie to date.  I thought it would be helpful to have all the relevant quotes – from reputable, official sources – saved in one spot for future reference.  So, grab a cup of coffee (or whatever your choice may be), get comfy, and travel back with me through the past ten months to review what the Toy Story 4 cast and crew have given us – there’s more than you might think!

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Toy Story Throwback: ‘Toy Story 2’ Cast Interviews

Toy Story 2Although Toy Story 4 news has been scarce since D23, it won’t be long before we’ll be seeing lots of new promotional material – commercials, merchandise, posters, stock images, and social media/website content, just to name a part of what we have to look forward to.  In fact, the promo stuff is one of the things I remember most fondly from Toy Story 3 days.  It was exciting to randomly catch the toys in commercials, not only for their movie but for other things as well (a Target commercial comes to mind, and one for the U.S. Postal Service), or to walk into a store and find Toy Story-themed items in practically every aisle.  I’m still hoarding Band-Aids, shampoo bottles, and macaroni and cheese (I’ll never eat it!) that are no longer available.  By this time next year, we should be starting to receive a steady supply of ads and info, but until then, we have to make do with the few-and-far-between details we’ve been getting since last November.

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Should We Be Hysterical?

I can recall clearly when Toy Story 4 was announced last November.  It was a glorious night.  I was driving home from work when I got a message from a fangirl friend that, this time, the reports of a new movie were true.  It was all I could do to make it safely to my house, so that I could find an article confirming it – never mind our takeout dinner getting cold as I sat in my car, searching and texting.  Some things are more important…

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